How I Grade

How is an art grade determined?
Students will be evaluated on three projects each 9 weeks. The three grades will then average into two grades for report cards. One grade will be based on the studnet's behavior and the other on the student's participation in class. The students grades will be only letter grades (E S N U). Each student will start the school year with a S. The student behavior and involvement will determent if the grade changes.

Project is "WOW!"
Student went above and beyond the expectations
Participates in all activities on their own initiative
Designs original artwork and shows great craftsmanship

On task at all times requires no redirection
Student is not disruptive in class
Acts appropriately
Helpful to others and teacher

Project is "Good"
Followed all directions and did what was told
Participates in most activities
Designs original artwork and shows good craftsmanship

Requires some redirection
Student is able to correct inappropriate behavior with one warning

Needs Improvement:
Project is "not to Pair"
Followed directions just enough to pass
Participates in some activities
Design artwork looking like surrounding projects with poor craftsmanship

Requires redirection
Sometimes disrupts class
Student is sometimes able to correct inappropriate behavior with warnings

Project is not shown at project evaluation (unfinished or lost)
Did not follow directions
Did not try to complete project correctly
Design artwork copied from surrounding projects with little to no craftsmanship

Constantly requires redirection
Disrupts class and learning of others
Never on task with no ability to correct inappropriate behavior with warnings

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